T Wallet Charges

The following are the charges levied by Payment Gateway Service provider for Load Money through PG:

PayU COMMERCIALS:(Applicable from T Wallet Android App version 1.3 onwards and iOS App version 1.3 onwards)

Payment Gateway Transaction Amount Charges
Credit Card Per transaction 1% of the transaction amount
Debit Cards
  1. Up to Rs. 1000
  2. Above Rs. 1000 and up to Rs. 2000
  3. Above Rs 2000
  1. 0.25% of the amount
  2. 0.50% of the amount
  3. 1% of the amount
Net Banking Per transaction The following charges include GST
  1. Rs. 5.75 for SBI, HDFC Banks
  2. Rs. 3.45 for all other Banks


Particulars Charges
Credit Card - Master/Visa (Domestic)  1.90 % + Tax
Debit Cards
  1. 0.35% + Tax for Transaction below INR 1000
  2. 0.60% + Tax for Transaction value from INR 1000 to below INR 2000
  3. 1.00% + Tax for Transaction of INR 2000 and above
Net Banking  1.60% + Tax

The above charges will be debited to Customer wallet online. Charges are applicable to Load Money / Top Up at Messeva / Eseva Centres, Smart Phone or Web.

  1. For Non-KYC wallet users, IMPS transaction limit is Rs 5000/- per day and maximum of Rs 20000/- per month.
  2. For KYC wallet users, IMPS transaction limit is Rs 10000/- per day and maximum of Rs 50000/- per month.
  3. The above limits are also applicable for fund transfer to other T Wallet accounts.


The above IMPS limits and charges may vary based on the directives from RBI. Any changes will be placed in our website.