Citizen Grievance Policy


T Wallet is launched by Telangana State government. This wallet is co-branded and hosted by Transaction Analysts (TA) who is RBI licensed PPI operator. The objective of this policy is to minimize instances of citizen complaints to ensure prompt redressal of various types of citizen complaints.

The Government of Telangana (GoT) understands the importance of citizen service which should be prompt and complete in all respects. To achieve this, we have taken adequate measures which allow our citizens to reach us in multiple ways. We ensure that all citizen grievances are recorded and respective complaint number is given to citizen for future follow ups. TA has developed Grievances Handling System (GHS) to track each and every grievance raised by the citizen. Our processes are designed keeping the following in mind:

  1. Citizens are to be treated fairly at all times.
  2. Citizens are fully informed of avenues to escalate their complaints / grievances within the organization and their rights to alternative remedy, if they are not fully satisfied with the response to their complaints.
  3. Complaints made by citizens are dealt promptly and with compassion.
  4. We will address all complaints efficiently and fairly and the interest of the citizen will be foremost.


Citizens may register complaint if they are not satisfied with any of the following:

  • Any T Wallet Service.
  • System errors – Causing delay in service.
  • Unhappy with the quality of Customer Service provided when dealing with staff/CSD or any other grievances

The Customer can lodge a complaint by choosing any of the following ways:

ESD Technical Support T Wallet Technical Support
Call Centre : 1100/18004251110
Email : twallet-support@telangana.gov.in
Phone No : 9100007383
Whatsapp : 9100008393


  • Grievance Redressal Mechanism (GRM) is simple as citizens have to provide only mobile number and transaction number. Each complaint is assigned and identified by a unique complaint number
  • Any grievance received through any of the above channels will be recorded.
  • The actions taken to address the complaints would be communicated to citizens through notifications for online (desktop / laptop) users and mobile app users. Feature phone and no phone users can get updates by reaching the call center number provided in this document.
  • We may contact the citizens if additional information is required for effective resolution of their complaints provided citizen has email id or mobile number.
  • Citizens can track the status of their complaints with the unique complaint number.
  • If the complaint is not resolved within the given resolution time or if the citizen is not satisfied with the resolution provided, the complaint may be escalated for further consideration by higher authorities.

Grievance Resolution Time:

Resolution Resolution Time
Registration 7 Business Days
Load Money (Credit) 7 Business Days
  • IMPS (Credit)
  • NEFT (Credit)
  • Load Money via Eseva/MeeSeva (Credit)
  • PayU Payment Gateway
  • UPI
  • 7 Business Days
  • 7 Business Days
  • 7 Business Days
  • 7 Business Days
  • 7 Business Days
Bill Payments & Recharges 3 Business Days
Rupay 7 Business Days
Gift Vouchers 3 Business Days
Bus Tickets 3 Business Days
Filghts & Hotels 3 Business Days
Account Closure 3 Business Days
Merchant Related Issues 2 Business Days
  • Payment
  • Cancellation
  • Reversal related issues
  • Others
  • 7 Business Days
  • 7 Business Days
  • 7 Business Days
  • 7 Business Days
Other Wallet related issues 7 Business Days


Citizen Grievance Escalation Matrix:

GoT treats every citizen feedback (Compliments and Complaints) with utmost priority and we always strive to improve the citizen satisfaction. We value every feedback as it provides us actionable insights to improve our products and services which further results in improved citizen experience. We therefore, encourage our citizens to provide their feedback and record their grievances in writing or verbally.

We have developed an escalation matrix, to handle citizen grievances effectively and efficiently. Instances where a citizen does not receive a response within the specified time frame or if the citizen is dissatisfied with the response received at the first level, the citizen can escalate the complaint to the next level as indicated below.

Level 2:

Citizen can escalate the grievance through one of the below e-mail.

Name : Narasimha Rao Bajjuri
Email : spm_csc_esd@telangana.gov.in

Name : Kiran Kumar P
Email : kirankumar.p@transactionanalysts.com

Level 3:

If citizen is still not satisfied with the resolution received, or if citizen do not hear from us within specified time limit after following the above mentioned escalation steps, he/she can further escalate the issue to:

Sreenivasulu M
Email: sreenivasulu.m@transactionanalysts.com